• Free Ride: Hillsgrove, NY, Reyes, AZ, & Icarus, MT.
  • Nationals: Headshake Hills (DLC), Grasslands (DLC), Lost Meadow, Sugar Ridge MX, Prairie Valley, Moto448, Sandwick, Pine Top, Armadillo Flats, & Razorback.
  • Supercross: Boxcar (DLC), Switchyard (DLC), Stonepoint Round 1, Manchester Round 1, Fort Dodge Round 1, Kingston Round 1, Manchester Round 2, Fort Dodge Round 2, Stonepoint Round 2, & Kingston Round 2.
  • Omnicross: Iron Gate, Barranca Del Diablo, Lago Dell'Orlo Black Water, Desperacion, & Picco Di Altus.
  • Freestyle: Boilermaker FMX (DLC), Ironworks (DLC), Air Nation, Triple X Jam, FMX Dog Fighters, Trickaholix, X-Style Shoot-Out, & Dover Street Marina.
  • Champion Sport Track: Verrado Speedway; Verrado Pacific Cup, Suicide Beach, & Champion Pointe.
  • Waypoint; Grand Central Mud, Watershed, Ocotillo Run, Desert Open, 3 Pines Cross-Country, & Frostwood.

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